When you create and use your ArtGuide account, the following information is recorded and stored: Name and email address, if entered. Log-in times, IP address and data about your movements on ArtGuide's various services will also be recorded. ArtGuide will use this information in connection with statistics, service improvements or to manage your account.

ArtGuide will not disclose your personal information to other persons or companies outside Cumedin ApS, of which ArtGuide is a part, unless you have expressly agreed to it. Unless otherwise stated for a specific service or offer, all information provided about you on ArtGuide will only be processed by Cumedin ApS.

ArtGuide cannot be held responsible for any loss of any kind associated with the use of services and offers on ArtGuide, including loss of data due to disruptions of operation, breakdown of ArtGuide's systems and the like.

Your ArtGuide account is personal and therefore you must not give your password to others. If you suspect an abuse of your account, you must notify ArtGuide. If you want to be deleted as a user or want support for using your account, please contact us